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  • Instant Medicine Scanning.

    Our user friendly Oscan+ web portal and smartphone apps lets you scan your medicine packs instantly. You can use your existing compatible Data Matrix enabled hardware scanners or just use our free smartphone apps to scan packs instantly. Actual and current status of all your medicine packs will be verified and shown to you directly from National Medicine Verification System (NMVS) at the time of scanning. No wait at all.

  • Export or Dispense Right Away.

    You will find easiest way to scan your medicine batches on Oscan+ portal with verified results. You can instantly decide whether you would like to Export or Dispense to your end users. Our module transfer facility provides fastest transferring of your baskets from Goods In department to Stock Control department enabling facility to set various FMD actions.

  • Full GMP Compliance.

    We provide you full traceability of all your scanned medicine packs as well as all baskets. Yes, our Audit facility provides full tracking of medicine packs enabling who scanned, verified, deleted or transferred. Each and every actions are audited fully so that our customers are in control of Good Medicine Practice (GMP) compliance. You have 5 years of data availability in order to achieve compliance.

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