What Oscan+ Do

Amazing features to comply with
Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD)

Faster Scanning

300+ scan packs per minute,
verify scan packs directly at
National Medicine Verification System (NMVS)

Access Rights

Normal users cannot delete verified packs.
Users require approval to remove baskets.
Administrator user grants all removal rights.

Boost up your FMD operation in just one go!

No need for dedicated hardware scanners. The perfect choice of hundreds of Businesses.

  • Auto scan and store: Scan hundreds of packs in one go
  • Perfect Tracking: Create your users and assign dedicated NMVS verification tasks
  • Restricted Deletion: Only super admin can authorise scan packs or whole basket deletion
All Screen Size Compatible Dashboard for instant information Easiest Search Options Tons of filters 4 Instant Navigations

Advance features give you full control!

Our enhanced Oscan+ app now has become an ultimate business saver.

The only app in market which gives you ability to use your smartphone as scanner. You can use Oscan+ as dedicated scanner to scan medicine packs.

User Friendly

Most easiest app to comply with FMD.

Faster Storage

Saves scanned bar codes instantly.

Minimal Interface

it as simple as it needs to be.

Secured Communication

2048 Bits secured transactions.

App Screenshot