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We are listed by SecurMed as a software solution provider

Falsified Medicines Directive

Falsified medicines are "fake" medicines that pass themselves off as real, authorised medicines. Falsified medicines might contain ingredients, including active ingredients, which are of poor quality or of the wrong strength either too high or too low. As they have not been properly evaluated to check their quality, safety and efficacy, this could be detrimental to patient's health.

We provide fully automated web based portal and an android app as FMD solutions to suit the needs of Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Pharmacy and Hospital which is fully in compliance with Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD)


Manufacturer / Contract Manufacturer

Accurately generate unique bar code and commission on EU Hub


Faster for Bulk and Mixed verification on National Medicine Verification Organisation (NMVO)

Pharmacy / Hospital

Flexibility to verify and decommission from any terminal in the pharmacy
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Complete FMD Solution

Meet our FMD
Oscan+ Web Portal

Introducing a complete web based FMD solution that facilitates all requirements of the new FMD laws.
No Installation Required
100% Web Based Application
All Browsers Supported
100% Secured Data Connection
Only Require Internet
Single Login for Web and Mobile App
Easy & Fast Bar code Scanning
5 Years Data Availability
Easy SecurMed Integration
7 Days Free Trial
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Hardware to outperform bar code scanning

We also offer various hardware
for busy operations


Zebra Wired Scanner - DS2208

£120 ex. VAT

Zebra Table-Top / Handsfree - DS9208

£170 ex. VAT

Zebra Cordless Scanner - DS2278

£235 ex. VAT

Enterprise Customised Solution

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We Also Design Customised
Enterprise FMD Solutions



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Unmatched FMD Pricing

First 3 Months No Charges

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  • £20
  • Per Month
  • Per User
  • Per Site
  • £20 / Billed Monthly**
  • £10
  • Per Month
  • Per User
  • Per Site
  • £60 / Billed Bi-Annually**
  • Custom Reports
  • GOLD
  • £5
  • Per Month
  • Per User
  • Per Site
  • £60 / Billed Annually**
  • Custom Reports
  • Customised Solution*
* Customised solution can increase overall costing, depends on level of customisation that may require.
** Local taxes (VAT) will be charged in addition to the prices mentioned.
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Try out our FMD portal for free

You can directly register with SecurMed and choose iCompliancePlus as chosen software system.

You will require following informaion while registering with SecurMed:

  • Software Supplier Name: Nami Pharmaceuticals
  • Software Name: Nami_FMD_Wholesale
  • Software Version: 1.0

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